Compost Tea Bags

Usage and Directions:

Carolina compost tea is an all-natural liquid plant food that is powerful, organic and environmentally friendly. It is 100% untreated and unrefined from production to application and can be composted back into the soil once used. Carolina Compost can be used to increase plant growth, provide nutrients to plants and soils, provide beneficial organisms and suppress disease.

  • Fill a bucket (1-2.5 gal.) with water. (The smaller the bucket the more concentrated the tea will be.)
  • If using tap water, let sit for 24 hours uncovered for chlorine to dissipate. (Chlorine can kill beneficial organisms in the tea.) If using rain or well water skip this step.
  • Drop, one Carolina Compost tea bag, into your bucket of water to steep. Let stand uncovered in full sun for a minimum of 8 hours, up to 24 hours. (The longer it sits the more potent your tea will be)
  • Aerate by stirring tea occasionally to increase oxygenation or use an air pump.
  • Pour tea into a watering can or sprayer to apply to plants, trees, vegetables or lawns. (Compost your used tea bags after use)
  • Apply Carolina Compost tea bags liberally and as often as you like. Your plants will thank you for it. We suggest applying Carolina Compost tea every two weeks to your garden.

Storage: For best results store in a cool, dry place. DO NOT store tea bags in direct sunlight, allow them to freeze or place in an airtight container.

Carolina Compost Ingredients: Horse manure, wood pellet bedding and stall waste, leaves, grass, and other green decaying matter. Fruits, vegetables, and other kitchen scrap waste.

All ingredients are composted, cured and approved by the NC Dept of Environmental Resources. Enjoy!

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