Natural Compost

Natural Compost

Our Compost is 100% Natural Horse Manure Based Compost

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Happy Horses

Happy Horses

Means really good compost!

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State of the Art Composting System

State of the Art Composting System

Our compost system completely minimizes any negative impact our horse farm has on the land and keeps the local water table clean!

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The finest organic compost made with horse manure comes from right here in North Carolina!

Compost Me
  • About UsWho is Carolina Compost?

    • Green Business
    • Locally Owned and Operated
    • Department of Environmental & Natural Resources Approved
    • Biodynamic Approach to Recycling on Horse Farm
    • Forced Aerated Compost System

    Carolina Compost
  • CompostGet the Facts.

    • 100% all natural Grade-A compost
    • A convenient and earth friendly option compared to chemically enhanced soil amendments
    • Slow releasing soil amendment that repairs the soil's natural balance
    • Defends against insects and infections

    Compost Info
  • Our ProductsWhat We Offer.

    • .5 cubic ft. bags
    • 1.5 cubic ft. bags
    • Bulk Loads: pick up or delivery

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  • Our Aeration Get the Breakdown

    • Significantly increases the rate of composting
    • Mitigates problems with offensive odors, flies and rodents
    • Degrades vaccines, antibiotics, deworming products and pesticides
    • Is ideal for pre-composting feedstocks for vermi-composting
    • Produces a compost rich in aerobic microbes, ideal for compost tea

    Composts for Sale